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Watch this short impression of the permanent installation Iris and I made during our residency at Leveld Kunstnartun in Norway.
CreDogma features 8 consecutive discs of a 147 year old pine, inscribed with the worries and wishes of 8 local inhabitants.

The work is partly inspired by writer Jens Bjørneboe who stated that being 'unfree' is easier than being free. The image of his typewriter hammering away at the dogmas that plagued Norwegian society in his time is in there.

In the plinth a 5.1 surround soundscape is playing.

The complete version can be heard here.
The original proposal read here.

Of course a 'Making of' and a subtitled version are in the works!

Love Awards

Nice article from The Guardian on the contest and show I helped to produce.

Pim & Pom

April 9th in a cinema near you, this animation movie for which I did all sound, will feature. Very very proud of the result!


I don't know about your French, but here's an interview with me in the latest Trax Magazine about my yesterdays in techno, a.o with Random XS and as Spasms for Djax-Up-Beats.
Translation: tapetv.nl/trax.html
Interview by Ch B-Cedervall


As of January 15, Arno is advisor for the Mediafonds (Dutch Cultural Media Fund)!

Dutch Radioprize

Floris Alberse won this years' Dutch Radioprize for his excellent documentary
'My Grandfather's Apartment'. More on that here: you can listen to the documentary with aid of an English transcription. The editing, mix and mastering was done by me, and I'm proud of it!