Anything with Sound...

Over past thirty years, Arno Peeters has been involved in almost every step in the field of music production and sound: from creation to restoration.

Either lo-fi-no-budget or spic 'n spec surround, whether it's radio or research, film or interactive, commercial or experiMental: 'been there, done that, thanks to curiousity and the choice for a personal approach rather than that corporate chill.

What's in a Name...

Actively involved in sound since 1983, Arno Peeters set up this company in 1996 and named it after a TV-show which showed experimental home videos.

But you can safely mix it up with the name of it's owner, since you'll be dealing with him directly, no strings attached. However... there's a good number of trusted connections both in his studio and in his network that might help you with other parts of your production.

If you have idea's or suggestions, craving questions or daring artistic propositions, get in touch!


Versatility is Key


With over 25 years of experience
In creating, recording, and editing sound and electronic music, versatility has become a key-factor in my work: by never turning down an opportunity to learn new techniques, work with different media or musical practices, I'm able to successfully apply my experiences from one field onto another.

Being a creator myself helps me to better understand and work with creations by others and having recorded sound for different kinds of applications helps me in understanding how to properly mix and master it. Of course working for Dutch Public Broadcast since 1997 as both engineer and producer (and even parttime-presenter), makes working for and with media a familiar affair.

iconMy work involves almost every step in the field of music production: from creation to restoration and on many different levels; either lo-fi-no-budget or spic 'n spec 5.1 surround. But to break it down into the most common area's, you can tab into Performances, Productions, Radio and Releases. Where possible, links are provided to more backgrounds about the project and/or the artist(s) or organization(s) involved.

Community based and abroad

icon Since 2004 I work intensively with installation artist (and partner for life) Iris Honderdos.

Together we worked on community based installations and performances worldwide: in Vietnam (2006 - 2007), Armenia (2011), Bulgaria (2014) and Norway (2016).
We have also have done several projects for NGOs like Cordaid (Sierra Leone 2012), the Royal Tropical Institute (India and Uganda 2012) and the prestigious Institute of Development Studies (Kenya 2015). You can find more information about these projects here.


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