Vooruit naar Buiten! Binaural mix and soundscapes for this audiotour trough the history of Sittard, 2017
Aandacht 15.3 Soundscape for this artproject by Iris Honderdos, 2017
Blijf Rauw EP, part 2 – BRAAF        Dutch hip-hop album, Mix and master, 2017
The Painted Bird Binaural mix and master of this feverish soundscape-tour by  Frank Koolen and Kim Bots, Marres 2017
Koortslip - Nyk de Vries 10 prosaic poems. Mix and master, 2017
Portrait Ties Mellema Portrait of this revered and persistent sax player, NTR RadioDoc, 2017
Aufrecht Gehen Binaural mix and soundscapes for this audiotour around the only
 German war cemetery in The Netherlands, 2015-2017
Uitgeperst - Vaardigheid

Mixing & mastering, 2016

Love Matters - The Show

Script, recordings and production of this musical. In admission of IDS and Love Matters, Nairobi, Kenya, 2015

Blijf Rauw EP, part 1 - BRAAF

Mixing & mastering, 2015

Portrait Nora Fisher

Portrait of this young successful soprano for NTR RadioDoc, 2015

Who are the champions

Mix and mastering. Interactive web doc, Submarine Channel, 2015

Aufrecht Gehen

Sounddesign and binaural mix. Audiotour around the only German military cemetery in The Netherlands. Lubert Priems, 2015

250 Miles Crossing Philadelphia

Mix and mastering. Interactive soundwalk. Polak & Van Bekkum, 2015

Pim & Pom “The Great Adventure”

Sounddesign animation feature 70min - Fiep Westendorp, 2014


sSounddesign, mixing, mastering animations for Zapp, NPO3

House of Shame (Liberia)

Recordings and sounddesign for this radioplay by Jacqueline Maris and Jimmy Comerford, Liberia, 2013

Architectuur door Andere Ogen

3 CD's with 16 items to accompany a publication about architecture and the blind, 2012

• "Poison Thoughts" - Cryptographic Street Poets

Rap video on alcohol abuse among the Khasi in Meghalaya (Northeast India). Part of 'Developing with Identity' by KIT. 2013

• Words with The Shaman

5,1 Surround remix for the album 'W' in the ReCyclopedia by Frans Friederich, 2012

• amunite

Contribution for the International Email Audio Art Project, Volume 4, 2011


5.1 Soundproduction for crossmedia-play by Bert Kommerij, 2011

Pecker (Pik)

Sounddesign for this animated short by Erik van Schaaik, 2010

• Workshop Sounddesign
with Jelte Heringa for Muziek op Maat/Vredenburg 2010

• Creative Communication Manual- 2nd edition

Revision for the second print of "Psycho-Social Support for Women Affected by HIV/AIDS: A Handbook for Communication Skills Training" for MCNV. More >>

Spelen en Slikken

'Pills for Playing' - 40' radiodocumentary on stagefright and performance anxiety. RVU HollandDoc Radio 1 2010

• ‘Monty on Steroids’

Remix with POKE20 and the C64 Orchestra, 2009

• ‘Het Donker’ – Cyclus

Mix and additional samples, 2009

Stadionplein FM - J.Brenninkmeijer

Spatialisation for headphones, audio-tour, 2007 - 2009

Umfeld DVD - Speedy J & Scott Pagano

5.1. surround mastering, Speedy J & Scott Pagano, 2009

• 'Double Bees' - Michael Fahres

Recordings and 5.1. surround mixing and mastering, for Karmann, 2007

Schokland en Ik - Bente Hamel

Mastering and spatialisation for headphones, audio-installation, 2007

• Tunes & audiolayout Radio 6

Tunes, leaders, stationcalls and bumpers for all programs and broadcasters CZ, KRO, NPS, MAX and VPRO NPO 2006-2007

• "Over de kwestie Das" - Audioplay by Paul Roncken

Composition and sounddesign. Audioplay to accompany the book 'Regional Identity', SKOR 2006

I Love The World – SkyArena
Video by Marie-Jo Lafontaine
Composition by Michael Fahres

Sounddesign, additional composing, mix and mastering for SkyArena:
Opening-ceremony WC Football, Frankfurt, 2006
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'Love When We Are' - Slowdisk

CD mastering, Growdisk, 2006


mix made from rare instruments for VPRO Radio 'Café Sonore' 2006

Drifter TV DVD

5.1. surround mixing and mastering – Submarine/Drifter 2005

• The Original Soundtrack

Remix 'Everything's Alright' – MuziekLab 2005
• Showreel

Leader - Revolver Rotterdam, 2005

• Spasms and Random XS

2 tracks on compilation - Djax-it-Up CD, 2004

Ontayso remix

Remix on CD - U-Cover, 2004

• Bregma live

CD-production - Bregma, Kroatië, 2004

The Head of Ferdinand Cheval

radio play & DVD - Bente Hamel /Spinvis/NPS, 2003

• Reflective Piano

CD-production - Mitch Rothshild, 2003

• DStroop - Michael Fahres

5.1. surround mixing and mastering - Van IJ tot Zee, Michael Fahres, 2002

• Last Op Mijn Schouders - Braaf

CD-production - Braaf, 2002