Permanent installation for Leveld Kunstnartum, Norway, 2016

Love Matters - The Show

Multimedia performance with Sauti Academy for Love Matters Africa and IDS. Nairobi, Kenya, 2015


5.1 surround composition and videoclip, Loison Festival, France, 2015

Faces of Rosen

Art project with the 57 inhabitants of Rosen, Bulgaria, 2014

Inside Out

Audiotour and art project, Koudum, Friesland, 2013

• "Rooted"

Stereo composition as part of this installation on the identity of the Benet people in East Uganda. Part of 'Developing with Identity' by KIT, 2012.

Words with the Shaman

5.1 surround composition. For the ReCyclopedia album 'W'
by Frans Friederich.

• "Red, Gold and Green"

14.2 surround composition as part of this installation on the identity of the Khasi people in Meghalaya, North East India. Part of 'Developing with Identity' by KIT.

• Bangladesh Art Festival
"With Love From..."

Organisation, installation and 5.1 composition, ACSL
Yerevan, Armenia 2011

• Sterren van de Hemel

Live electronics with a performance of Stockhausens' 'Tierkreis' by John Terwal (church organ) and soprano Wynanda Zeevaarder, 2010

• Creative Communication Trainings

Multiple stages, Ha Noi and Ha Giang, Viet Nam, MCNV 2009

Live mix of synchronous performances by Frans Friederich, Michel Banabila and Floris van Bergeijk, NPS, Utrecht, 2008

• Turning to Raseborg

Installation and composition, ProArtibus
Ekenäs, Finland 2008

• Festival and Performance of 'Cover'

Art-performance and composition,
Halong, Viet Nam, MCNV 2008

• Night of Art, Music and Theatre, Enschede

5.1. surround soundscape, Podium Twente, 2008

• Gruenrekorder "Autumn Leaves"

Track on 3-CD compilation album, 2008

• Hoa Huong Duong

Art-performance and composition,
Cao Bang, Viet Nam, MCNV 2007

Art-performance and composition,
Hanoi, Viet Nam, MCNV 2006)

• Sunflower performance

Art-performance and composition,
Thái Nguyên, Viet Nam, MCNV 2006

• Luchtkastelen

Live performance, LinkBeat/Alan Laurillard, 2006)


Installation Myrau, Czech – with Iris Honderdos, 2005

Installation Kiev, Ukraine – with Iris Honderdos, 2005

• Breaking The Dance

Performance Den Helder - Forbidden Fruits Festival, 2004

Installation Myrau, Czech – with Iris Honderdos, 2004

Soundscape-program, Vredenburg - Dag Muziek.NL, 2003

• 'The Fiddler'

(production Stedelijk Museum - Nora Crane/STEIM, 2003)

Sense it

Production www.sensit.nl, Annemarie Steinvoort, 2002

• Responsemble

Live Surround LUX Nijmegen - Bas Andriessen, 2002

5.1 surround soundscape Vredenburg - UITFeest, 2002

Soundscape Werktheater - NPS/VPRO, 2001

• BlindSide

(soundscape Jakarta - NPS/VPRO, 2001)

• Up There Trio

Live Surround TU Eindhoven - Stichting Axes, 2001

• Orakel II

Installation Fort Asperen, Paul Roncken, 2001

• Luchtkastelen

Live Surround R'-en A'dam - LinkBeat/Alan Laurillard, 2000

Multinational synchronous live performance Rome - RAI3/Radio Bremen/NPS, 2000